[MlMt] Inserting signature behavior after and before writing text

Kourosh Kalayeh k.kalayeh at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 11:27:26 EDT 2018

Hi Benny,

Thank you for your email.

> As in “new email” only or do you also mean replies? Or maybe only 
> replies?

Both, new emails and replies, but lets focus on new emails.

>> But when I write email first and want to insert a signature 
>> afterwards, the signature goes on top of everything that I wrote.
> This is what confuses me. Your setting is to put it at the top?
> Maybe I understand the problem: By default no signature is used, 
> because this is what you most often do. Some times you then add a 
> signature *after* writing a reply at the top of the message. This 
> fails to place the signature between your text and the replied text 
> (putting it above your reply instead)? I guess MailMate could/should 
> be smarter in this case.

Exactly, in case of new emails, MailMate insert the signature above my 

> Is this correct?


>> I have tried bottom signature placement too, but same behavior.
> It also goes to the top?

Yes, but my understanding is that this setting is applicable to replies 
not new emails.


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