[MlMt] Moving a message to a folder based on what account contains it

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu Aug 9 10:28:54 EDT 2018

On 5 Aug 2018, at 20:29, Joshua Fishburn wrote:

> I tried this, but it didn’t do what I expected:
> `”^1” = (“moveToMailbox:”, “/@SaneTomorrow”, 
> “moveToMailbox:”, “/+SaneTomorrow”);`
> Instead of failing, MailMate actually creates the @SaneTomorrow folder 
> in account #2 when I try to move a message that isn’t in account #1 
> with this command. So I’m left wondering if there’s a way to 
> implement the “if account 1” login in the keybinding itself,

There's no way to do that.

> or if there’s another mechanism by which to achieve this.

You already got some suggestions, but you could also have a simple key 
binding which moves to a mailbox named, e.g., `/MoveToSaneTomorrow` and 
then in each account add a rule to this mailbox which just moves 
anything into the correctly named sanebox folder of that account. That 
kind of distributes the work making it a bit easier to add/remove 

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