[MlMt] DeleteMessage: from single-message window doesn't seem to work right

Mike Petonic petonic at yahoo.com
Tue May 16 20:26:07 EDT 2017

I'm pretty sure that it's not my configuration, I'll provide the 
relevant snippets below.

### Expected/Desired Behavior

1. From a main window, open a message in a single-message viewer.
2. Press '^h' to execute "deleteMessage:"
3. MM deletes the message and then closes the single-message viewer 
5. The main window should either advance to the next, previous, or 
unread message, depending upon the setting of 
MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy, either {none, next, previous, 
unreadOrNext, unreadOrPrevious}.

### Observed Behavior

As above, except in step #5, MM always behaves as if "none" were the 
value of the key "MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy".

### Relevant Config Snippets:

# Check to see what the key for the hidden pref documented
# at this page: https://manual.mailmate-app.com/hidden_preferences
$ defaults read com.freron.MailMate MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy

# Check to see what the key-binding is for ^h...
$ fgrep deleteMessage: "/Users/petonic/Library/Application 
	"^h" = "deleteMessage:";


Is more config info required?

Thanks in advance!
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