[MlMt] Gravatar in header view and other customizations

Charlie Garrison charlie-lists at garrison.com.au
Tue Jun 13 21:58:17 EDT 2017

On 14 Jun 2017, at 9:41, Padraic Renaghan wrote:

>> What are you using for user.png?
> Colored version of
> http://fontawesome.io/icon/user/

I may be making some assumptions then. Many of the avatars are showing 
as ‘missing image’ icon. I was assuming that was due me not having a 
file that matches code like this:

prefix = { string = "<tr><td><span class=\"header_name\"><img 
id=\"h-from-img\" class=\"h-img\" onerror=\"imageError(this)\" 
class=\"header_body\">"; };

I don’t have the file `…/MmMessagesWebView/user.png`, I just assumed 
that was cause of ‘missing image’ icon. Without the “Show 
Inspector” functionality, I can’t tell what the missing image is. 
Can you suggest what I need to do to fix the missing images?

OK, worked it out (sending this reply anyway in case it helps others).

I copied the FontAwesome user icon, pasted into a new file and saved 
that as user.png. Everything works now.

Strangely though (to me), the user icon shows briefly, and is then 
replaced with another icon/avatar. I suspect the user.png is a 
placeholder, and when it can’t be found, no further processing is done 
to load images. Now that it can be found, processing continues and 
gravatar/favicon/etc get loaded.

All looks pretty good now. :-)

Another topic…

You removed the display of email address in favour of name-only. I 
prefer to have both displayed; can you point me to which part of the 
file I need to edit? I had a look at the headersFormatting.plist file 
from MailMate’s Layouts dir, but the two files have diverged enough 
I’m not sure where to look for code to change.

Which leads me to… do you have plans to incorporate any changes Benny 
makes to the original file?

Or, Benny, any thoughts on incorporating gravatar/user icons into 



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