[MlMt] Gravatar in header view and other customizations

Padraic Renaghan prenagha at renaghan.com
Tue Jun 6 18:35:33 EDT 2017

Thought I'd share my recent MailMate customizations in case anyone is interested. I went a bit crazy with the avatars, but was fun hacking nonetheless.



Benny: If you could enable the "Inspect Element" right-click option for the header Web View that will make it much easier to build and debug stuff like this.

Implementation is basically to inject enough HTML via the headersFormatting.plist so you can find and manipulate things in javascript.

Basic rundown of what is included:

* Customized header layout
  * Display Sender header prominently
    * Outlook calendar forwards make this important
  * Flip "Last, First" names to "First Last"
  * Show Name only (not Name and Address)
  * Click search is against "Any Address" using address (not name)
  * Gravatar avatar support for From, To, CC, BCC headers
  * Fallback to domain favicon if Gravatar not found
  * Use local avatar images for common addresses

* Avatars
  * In general, tries Gravatar first, then falls back to Favicon of address domain name
  * From: label replaced by avatar of from address
  * To/CC/BCC:
      * If only 1 recipient, header label replaced by their avatar
      * If > 1 recip, and all recip from the same domain, header label replaced by domain favicon
      * Otherwise avatar displayed to right of each recipient name

* Customized Message Verifications
  * Catch replies to tool accounts (JIRA, CVS)
  * Don't respond via home email to a previously used work recipient (and vice versa)
  * If a new recipient make sure to send from home/work properly

Hope someone finds this useful.

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