[MlMt] Breaking the thread

David Ledger mailmate at ivdcs.co.uk
Mon Jun 5 09:50:43 EDT 2017

As well as my personal email I also have an account for a club that I am 
a committee member for. All committee members have a role and can be 
sent emails at <role>@ourclubdomain.com. Some use IMAP and some have 
their emails forwarded to their personal addresses. Because some of us 
have more than one role we can receive emails on more than one address 
(but same domain). We also have a group email address of 
committee at ourclubdomain.com which forwards to all of the role addresses.

The above scenario means that when a committee member sends an email to 
committee@… I receive at least two copies, one for each of my roles. 
This is expected. MailMate groups these together. When someone replies I 
get (two) copies of the reply subordinate to one of the duplicate 
originals. If I delete one of the originals the replies remain attached 
to the remaining original in the arcs; if I delete the other, the 
replies sometimes become detached with a gap in the arcs. I think that 
sometimes they get re-attached, but I’m not sure they always do.

What would the expected result be?
Do I need to be careful which of the duplicates I delete?
Is there any underlying metadata recording the thread sequence that I 
could mess up, or is it all just worked out on the fly as the message 
list is displayed?


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