[MlMt] Eudora's mail concatenation in MailMate

Mike Petonic petonic at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 13:46:43 EST 2017

On 12 Jan 2017, at 8:59, John D. Muccigrosso wrote:
> On 12 Jan 2017, at 11:50, Mike Petonic wrote:
>> Perhaps we could use Github's Wiki feature of the 
>> https://github.com/mailmate/ site.  It doesn't appear that it's 
>> enabled, or rather, it is enabled but it just redirects us to the 
>> markdown manual (https://github.com/mailmate/mailmate_manual) again.
>> We could agree to limit the scope to a best-practices wiki, and thus 
>> wouldn't have a lot of scope creep.
> Not a bad idea, but what’s the objection to putting such a section 
> into the manual on github?

No objection from me. I just think that a markdown manual collaborated 
with on GitHub is less collaborative (i.e., someone has to do the 
integrations and approve them) as compared to a Wiki, where they just 
have to be monitored.  I doubt that Benny has that much available time 
to do the integrations, and I think we'd all rather that Benny focus on 
continuing to make MM the best damned MUA for macOS. :-)

On the other hand, if we have volunteers to do the editing from 
submissions, then my concern would go away, and a manual format is 
oftentimes that best format for certain people because of the linearity 
(it's not my desired format, however).

That's my $0.02.

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