[MlMt] Eudora's mail concatenation in MailMate

Dave C davec2468 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 15:30:02 EST 2017

Thank you for pointing out this feature Robert. I used Eudora for years 
but I don’t remember being aware of this feature.



> I just discovered that MailMate has a function equivalent to the mail 
> concatenation feature of Eudora. I am in 7th heaven, and I thought to 
> share this discovery! I saw the setting for this in the preferences 
> quite a while ago but only now clicked what it really means. For those 
> wondering what I am talking about:
> If I double-click a message in MailMate, it opens that message in a 
> new window. Nothing special here.
> If I double-click a message holding the shift key, MailMate sets a 
> filter that shows all messages with the same subject or whatever 
> column I was clicking. This is pretty much the same what option-click 
> did in Eudora. MM refers to this functionality as searching for 
> related messages.
> Tip: select the message before you double-click it, so MM does not use 
> the first click to select multiple messages.
> Robert
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