[MlMt] Attachment removed when replying a message

Annamarie annamarie.pluhar at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 08:21:56 EST 2017

Forgive me. Why would you want to do that?

If they sent it to you then you are just cluttering up their computer by 
having redundant files. If you are changing the file I'd think you'd 
want to send it as a new attachment with a different file name to help 
everyone track revisions.

My two cents.

Annamarie Pluhar
802-579-5975 (iPhone - not good when I'm at my desk.)

On 8 Jan 2017, at 1:07, Wang Feng wrote:

> I found that when replying a message, the attachment will be removed 
> automatically, while forward a message, MailMate will keep the 
> attachment.
> Does anyone knows how to config to keep the attachment when replying a 
> message?
> Wang.
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