[MlMt] Odd behavior when deleting and recreating an account

David Ledger mailmate at ivdcs.co.uk
Fri Dec 22 03:54:25 EST 2017

On 21 Dec 2017, at 22:48, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:

> One of my accounts was being moved to a new server in a way that would 
> not preserve the IMAP UIDs. Accordingly, I deleted the "mail source" 
> entirely. (Aside: that it's called "mail source" for deleting or 
> renaming, but "IMAP Mailbox" for adding is unfortunate.) I then added 
> the account anew, but of course with the same email address. That 
> worked, but...
> Under "Sources", the recreated account shows four unread messages in 
> Inbox. That's correct, and corresponds to what I had before the 
> shuffling. However, in the unified Inbox, the sub-folder for that 
> account shows no counter, i.e., no unread messages. I have a smart 
> folder under "Inbox" for unseen messages; its subfolder for that 
> account also shows zero--but when I open that folder, I do see those 
> four messages. In other words, the smart folder knows which the four 
> unread messages are but doesn't know how to count them. Huh? The 
> "Displayed Count" setting for it, the parent "Unseen" folder, and the 
> unified inbox itself all say "Inherit"; the other folders under 
> "Unseen" all display the correct count of unread messages.

The meaning of ‘Inherit’ is unclear (but probably documented) - is 
it inherit up or inherit down? I just set mine to what I want and ignore 


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