[MlMt] Gmail stars vs flags

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Dec 11 09:59:30 EST 2017

On 11 Dec 2017, at 15:47, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> This is unfortunately only 1 of a dozen or so IMAP servers that I use 
> and I use the same tags across all of them, so I probably won’t go 
> that route. Thanks for advice anyway.

Hmm, so you kind of need MailMate to map the $Label1-5 IMAP keywords to 
a different set of keywords when using this server (such that the rest 
of MailMate thinks the server supports them). That's a very 
user-specific feature, but if other/many users need it or someone is 
willing to pay for my time to implement it then it wouldn't, 
technically, be a problem :)

Going one step further -- *if* the tags are mutually exclusive then 
`$Label1-$Label5` could be used to support 31 tags (using them as a bit 
pattern. Oh, the beautiful world of weird workarounds for IMAP servers 

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