[MlMt] Easy shift from compact to standard headers

Mark Chapman mchapman at chass.utoronto.ca
Wed Dec 6 20:10:33 EST 2017

I have been using “View ▸ Headers” menu. How do I use 
`switchView:` key binding selector for custom key bindings.

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On 29 Nov 2017, at 9:02, Benny wrote:

On 23 Nov 2017, at 23:16, Mark Chapman wrote:

> I always view my email in threaded mode using compact headers.

> Until a couple weeks ago I could click on the compact headers and it 
> would expand to standard headers. Now when I click on the header it 
> starts a search.

This sounds like the triangle which existed in earlier releases of 
MailMate. Clicking on a header has never expanded anything.

> I have not upgraded so I must have accidentally changed a setting. 
> Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to change it back.

The triangle was “lost” when I rewrote the headers view (for a whole 
range of other reasons) and I have not yet implemented a replacement.

You can currently use the “View ▸ Headers” menu or the 
`switchView:` key binding selector for custom key bindings. (I cannot
promise that the latter is going to continue to work.)
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