[MlMt] New bindings, extensibility and a thanks

Mike Petonic petonic at yahoo.com
Sun May 29 00:22:23 EDT 2016

Benny wrote:
> > Is there a keybinding that will make MailMate open a new viewer 
> window? I want to use it as part of a compound binding, for example:
> > >     "?" = "newMessagesViewerWindow:", "searchAllMessages:" );
> I believe this should work:
> "s" = ( "newMessagesViewerWindow:", "searchAllMessages:" );
> (But the layout is going to be the default layout.)

It works like a champ, Benny.  Thanks...  I'll put it in my reference 
file that I'm building.

I swear to god that I did a lot of googling and could not find that 
keybinding.  Thanks for sharing.

In another message, Benny writes:
> > For myself, my priorities would be:
> > > $30 - "makeNewViewerWindow:" binding that could be used in 
> compound key bindings.
> > I've answered this in another email although it might not be exactly 
> what you were looking for.
> > > $10 - "recenterLine:" to recenter the currently viewed message in 
> a message list binding (works in normal Cocoa programs).
> Late April I added this:
> New: Added centerSelectionInVisibleArea: for the mailbox/message lists 
> (bound to ⌃L by default).
> This did not do what you were looking for?

Hmmm.  I hadn't tried it yet.  My bad.  Again, works like a champ.	
> > $50 - Programmatic way to access messages (and message components 
> such as Subject, Body, etc) using some API. Either Applescript (via 
> the performCommand binding) or whatever. This would allow me to 
> duplicate some of my workflows from Mail.app

> It's possible to create a custom bundle command which can then be 
> triggered using the perform AppleScript command, but I know that it 
> would also be useful if there was more direct access via AppleScript 
> -- especially when adapting existing scripts. I'll give it some more 
> thought.

Yes, I saw that with my "OpenInOutlook" hacked bundle that I slammed 
together.  Thanks for your guidance on that (especially the part about 
how you do the UUID :-)

I'll clean up the script and release it to the mailing list in case 
there are others who use MailMate along with Microsoft's Outlook for 
calendaring.  The bundle command that I added allows me to press 
Shfit-Ctrl-O to open up the corresponding message in Outlook so that I 
can a) see the date/time of the appointment, b) what events are around 
it, c) comment back to the meeting request, etc.

>> The bounties shouldn't be the only factor that Benny should use. I 
>> would hate to see MM evolve into a purely "bourgeois" model where 
>> those with the most amount of money get a voice in feature requests.
> I assure you that if I was motivated only by money then MailMate 
> simply wouldn't exist :)

Oh, I don't doubt that at all.  I can see it's a labor of love -- 
producing an elegant, powerful and extensible powerful tool that is 
leveraged by power-users.

In another email to Kee Hinckley, Benny wrote:
>> It's nice if people are willing to pay for a specific feature, but I 
>> cannot really make a living of that. The price of a feature would 
>> have to be more than most people would be able to pay. I also see a 
>> myriad of other potential problems :-) I'm probably also getting 
>> closer to a point where fixing/improving existing features is going 
>> to be more important than adding new (major) features. This is an 
>> important subject though (for me) since the lack of major new 
>> features are going to make it hard to do 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 feature 
>> releases — and 2.0 is free for all 1.x license key owners (at least 
>> those bought after October, 2013). I've already proven that I'm not 
>> very good at bumping version numbers :) Essentially, license keys 
>> bought by new users are currently the only potential revenue (except 
>> when users do like you have done). I'm considering how to best move 
>> forward, but let me just assure existing users that I have no plans 
>> to stop developing MailMate.

Music to all of our ears!

I just bought an additional license of MailMate, as well. Please take a 
friend out to Ruby and have a drink on me.

Thanks to Kee Hinckley for the idea and example.

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