[MlMt] NUL character warnings (v5246)

Scott A. McIntyre mailmate at howyagoin.net
Thu May 19 18:59:11 EDT 2016


> Yes, I got it at least twice in the last few days. Also with FastMail. 
> It happened when I would try to send a message.
> Quitting and relaunching MailMate fixed it and allowed the message to 
> be sent (I think I had FastMail open in the browser in the background 
> and could see that the message was sent only after relaunching).

My fix is typically to delete the offending message from my Sent Items 
list in MailMate, and then quit/restart and synchronise the mailbox, or, 
I will export the messages (this morning it was five or six messages) 
into an "mbox" format, then delete them from MailMate, quit MailMate, 
then use Mail.app to re-import them to IMAP (works fine), and re-start 

Not ideal, but, it prevents me losing mail.

(If it matters, Benny, I tend to use command-return as a shortcut to 
send messages)

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