[MlMt] Gmail source is unavailable

Adam Liter adam.liter at gmail.com
Mon May 9 15:10:00 EDT 2016


I was recently out of the country, and the hotel that I was at had a very
restrictive internet connection. They more or less blocked everything
except HTTP(S), so I was not able to  use MailMate with IMAP.

Since getting home and since connecting to a few other networks, I have
continued to be unable to get MailMate to access Gmail via IMAP. It
continually says that it is unavailable.

Nonetheless, MailMate on my (other) desktop computer with my Gmail account
still works just fine. It's just MailMate on my laptop, and this has only
been a problem since connecting to that wifi network at the hotel that I
was at.

I've tried restarting MailMate, restarting my computer, and taking the
Gmail account offline and back online again, but nothing has fixed the

Does anybody have any ideas about what might be going on? This only seems
to be a problem with Gmail. A different IMAP account is working with
MailMate on my laptop.


-Adam Liter
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