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Mike Petonic petonic at yahoo.com
Sat May 7 11:13:28 EDT 2016

On 7 May 2016, at 2:15, mailmate-request at lists.freron.com wrote:

> From Bill Cole <mmlist-20120120 at billmail.scconsult.com>
>> Hi All --
>> I'm getting little errors when I run MailMate from iTerm. I'm 
>> wondering if there are quick fixes or if I have something elementary 
>> wrong with my setup.
>> Worst case, would I have to blow away my ~/Library/Application 
>> Support/MailMail library and start creating my customizations from 
>> new?  I'd hate to do that, but I'll do it if I can.
>> I have the following errors that appear on my terminal when I run 
>> MailMate:
>> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer.
>> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer
>> 	/var/folders/8x/dzmmfpk11953yj78093pv8780000gn/T/mailmate_command.j1Gbh7: 
>> line 2: premailer: command not found
>> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer.
>> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer
>> 	/var/folders/8x/dzmmfpk11953yj78093pv8780000gn/T/mailmate_command.XVVSuY: 
>> line 2: premailer: command not found
>> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer.
> It looks like Benny has put a dependency on the Ruby 'premailer' tool 
> into his OakMIME Framework but neglected to package a working copy in 
> the MailMate application bundle...

Hmmm.  I might've screwed up the files in ~/Library/Application Support, 
too.  I'll wait for Benny to comment.

>> Also, when I receive calendar events from my colleagues using Outlook 
>> on Windows, I get the following:
>> 	Warning: Unable to handle alternative in multipart of MIME type: 
>> 'text/calendar'
> Welcome to the wonderful world of the iCalendar/vCalendar 
> standard(ish) and it's fantastical interoperability (not "fantastic" 
> meaning "great" but rather "a pure fantasy")
> Assuming that desktop Outlook sends the same thing Office365 Outlook 
> sends (when configured to send as iCalendar instead of a web link) 
> that warning is because Outlook sends a mulipart/alternative message 
> with 3 alternative (i.e. logically equivalent) parts in 3 different 
> formats: text/plain, text/html, and text/calendar. MM doesn't know how 
> to present a text/calendar part (aka iCalendar, .ics file, etc.) 
> except as an attachment, so if you use the "View->Message Body Parts" 
> to show the text/calendar you just see an attachment named 
> "Attachment.ics" and no text.
> As far as I know (and I manage multiple multi-tenant mail systems) no 
> other mailer in existence sends event invites/updates like that, 
> however it does make a certain logical sense, unlike most of the ways 
> Microsoft has sent events around in the past. All MM would have to do 
> to handle text/calendar as an alternative part is to extract and 
> display the DESCRIPTION field and offer an Attachment.ics attachment 
> as it already does (at least in my very limited testing.) If you're 
> seeing a .ics attachment, you're not really losing anything by MM not 
> "handling" the alternative.


>> And finally, I'm not able to use the GAL from Windows in MailMate.  I 
>> can see the GAL (Global Address List) in my Contacts.app and I can 
>> search for names from there, but I can't use it in the "Address 
>> Lookup" button at the top of a compose window.
> That's odd. I don't use that feature in MM but it appears that 
> anything Contacts considers a "Directory" (LDAP or Exchange) works in 
> Contacts but not in the Address Panel. I can see my LDAP and Office365 
> directories under "All Directories" but they just don't work. So it's 
> not just you...

That's good to know. It'd be great if this feature worked as I work for 
a company with 250K users :-)  Anyone else get it to work?

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