[MlMt] Syntax highlighting wraps everything on one line

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Mar 28 15:30:20 EDT 2016

On 28 Mar 2016, at 19:15, Adam Liter wrote:

> Thanks for your responses. Kee, how do you switch to the builtin 
> markdown processor?

Markdown can be enabled in the Composer preferences pane.

> The only difference is that I installed `pygments` with `pip` rather 
> than with `easy_install`.

The instructions are a bit old now. The Pygments bundle can be found in 
the Bundles preferences pane and you shouldn't need to use `pip` or 
`easy_install`. I'm not 100% sure it works quite as it should though 
with MailMate 1.9.4 since I'm in the middle of some general changes of 
how to handle HTML. I'll send you a note on that off list.

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