[MlMt] Signature placement

Werner Hintze w.hintze at posteo.eu
Sun Mar 27 10:54:15 EDT 2016

There is an option »Signature placement«, eher I can select »Top« or 
»Bottom«. I don’t know, that it is for, because it seems to have no 
influence in the signature’s placement: it is always on the bottom of 
the message.

I had it before so that the signature followed immediately my text, this 
means, if I answered to a message, there was my text, after this the 
signature, after this the text of the message I was responding to. Now I 
reinstalled MailMate and forgot how I did this. This »Signature 
placement« option seems not to be the right one. Can anybody tell me 
what I have to do to get the same result as before?

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