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Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Mar 9 17:09:36 EST 2016

On 9 Mar 2016, at 17:05, Kee Hinckley wrote:

> So I went back to the original mail to see what the headers said.
> 	From: yyy
> 	Sender: xxx
> What happened was that yyy scheduled a meeting. In Outlook (and some 
> other calendars), there's an option to reply to the people in the 
> meeting by making a comment in the calendar. Apparently Exchange sends 
> the comment out with the `From` of the original calendar creator, but 
> the `Sender` of the person who made the comment.
> But it got me to wondering whether there was a way to show the sender 
> in the from line when they were different. Mainly that would show up 
> for mailing lists:
> 	From: J Smith (sent by mailing list)

To be honest, I've never really looked into the `Sender` header. 
Although the above seems sensible then based on my emails I'm not sure 
it would always work well. It seems I've got some weird Sender headers 
in some messages and quite a few which have a Sender header which is 
identical to the From address (which is incorrect behavior according to 
the RFC).

Your suggestion makes sense, but I don't see Apple Mail doing it. Maybe 
some other email clients handle it well?

(Low level, it's possible to force MailMate to show this header, but 
it's not possible to prevent it from being shown when it's not unique.)

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