[MlMt] From vs. Sender

Kee Hinckley kee at hinckley.com
Wed Mar 9 11:05:21 EST 2016

I got a very confusing mail message today.

It said it was `From: xxx`, and xxx was asking why they'd been invited 
to a meeting. Which was weird, since they'd _created_ the meeting. 
However when someone else replied, it made sense, because the quoted 
message no longer said `From: xxx`, it said `From: yyy on behalf of 

That didn't totally make sense, really it was the other way around, but 
at least I could now see the real sender.

So I went back to the original mail to see what the headers said.

	From: yyy
	Sender: xxx

What happened was that yyy scheduled a meeting. In Outlook (and some 
other calendars), there's an option to reply to the people in the 
meeting by making a comment in the calendar. Apparently Exchange sends 
the comment out with the `From` of the original calendar creator, but 
the `Sender` of the person who made the comment.

But it got me to wondering whether there was a way to show the sender in 
the from line when they were different. Mainly that would show up for 
mailing lists:

	From: J Smith (sent by mailing list)

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