[MlMt] Does anyone else see gmail frequently marked as unavailable?

Kee Hinckley kee at hinckley.com
Wed Mar 9 11:05:11 EST 2016

I also fairly often come in in the morning and find it "offline".

I haven't been able to pin down one in the logs yet, but my impression 
is that it might just be a timeout issue. And it's probably related to 
having a 30k or so messages up on gmail. I never saw it when I had 
smaller mailboxes. I'm also wondering if for some reason Google is 
throttling me. I know there's a limit to transfers, and MailMate seems 
to be constantly spinning on that mailbox, even though I set the sync 
schedule to 30 minutes.

Here's a screen shot of where it's recovering from them all being 

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