[MlMt] How to put the cursor at the bottom of the original email when replying / forwarding?

David Shepherdson david at shepherdson.name
Sun Jan 31 16:17:00 EST 2016

On 31 Jan 2016, at 18.25, Vlad Ghitulescu wrote:

> Something changed and I don't know what.
> I still have the Caret Placement option in the Signatures > section of 
> MailMate’s preferences as you suggested (*(…) set to Above 
> Signature  > (with the ‘Default signature placement’ set to 
> Bottom) (…)*), but now **every reply put my cursor at the top 
> again** :-(
> Any idea, what could have happened?

This is because of the change to The BBEdit command’s edit.sh. Taking 
out the:


…means that BBEdit is no longer being told which line to 
‘activate’ (i.e. select).

So you can’t use these two tricks in combination, unfortunately (at 
least, not unless/until Bare Bones adds the ability to specify the line 
number in the command without selecting it). You basically get a choice 
between MailMate telling BBEdit the correct line number, and BBEdit 
selecting it, or MailMate not telling BBEdit anything about the line 
number, so BBEdit puts the insertion point at the beginning of the file. 
I’m not bothered by the former, but then I only occasionally edit my 
messages in BBEdit, not all the time, so it’s rarely a problem for me.


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