[MlMt] Mails in dovecot virtual folders do not show up

Stefan Krauth mailmate at textmail.me
Sun Jan 31 05:18:23 EST 2016


I'm a new MailMate user. So far I'm very impressed by its capabilities.
However, I noticed that dovecot virtual folders are empty. I'm not 
talking about smart mailboxes created in MailMate.

I configured some Search Folders in dovecot (version 2.2.13).

	namespace {
	  prefix = "Search Folders/"
	  separator = /
	  location = "virtual:~/.emails/Search Folders:INDEX=MEMORY"

And this is just a sample dovecot-virtual file:

	❯ cat ~/.emails/Search\ Folders/Flagged/dovecot-virtual

I'm using virtual folders configured on the server mainly because they 
also work via phone, webmail etc.

The current behavior is that these folders show up in MailMate, but they 
are empty.
They do not show up in the IMAP Subscription dialog.

My expectation would be that these folders behave like any other IMAP 
Im posting it to this list, because these folders are working fine in 
all other mail applications I've tested (roundcube webmail, apple mail, 
postbox, iOS Mail).

Is there a way make this work?

Thank you very much!
- Stefan
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