[MlMt] Is Security.plist broken in r5187?

Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Fri Jan 29 10:09:56 EST 2016

On 2016-01-27 09:12:24 (+0100), Philip Paeps <philip at trouble.is> wrote:
> On 2015-11-28 09:25:50 (+0100), Philip Paeps <philip at trouble.is> 
> wrote:
>> On 2015-11-28 12:59:18 (+0530), Benny Kjær Nielsen 
>> <mailinglist at freron.com> wrote:
>>> On 28 Nov 2015, at 8:17, Philip Paeps wrote:
>>>> I just noticed that MailMate r5187 is not respecting my PGP 
>>>> uid->keyid mappings in Security.plist.
>>>> It was working for me last week.  Did something break? :)
> I noticed today that this is still broken.  Actually, I'm not sure if 
> it's "still" or "again".  I haven't been exchanging much email relying 
> on the configuration in Security.plist.

This turned out to be my fault.  I introduced a syntax error in my 
Security.plist around the same time as r5187 came out.  Thanks for 
helping me debug this, Benny!

If anyone else runs into this sort of thing: don't use #-comments in 
your Security.plist and run `plutil -lint` on it if in doubt!


Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
Ministry of Information

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