[MlMt] Filters

Fredrik Jonsson frjo at xdeb.org
Fri Jan 29 08:23:37 EST 2016

PhilDobbin 2016-01-29 20:08 wrote:

> One thing however I found odd is the inability to filter messages from 
> the Inbox to selected folders.

Others have talked how rules works in MailMate.

I used to have a lot of rules in clients I had before MailMate. With 
MailMate that have changed.

Since the smart folders are really smart and flexible I now just archive 
all my mails in "Archive". I then use smart folders to group messages I 
want quick access to.

With smart folders a messages can "appear" in any number of "folders", a 
person folder, a company folder and a project folder. This was always a 
problem when I used rules to move messages to real folders.

I have set up my own key bindings so “i” will select the inbox, 
“a” will archive mail, “d” will delete them, “f” flag them 
and “r” for making a reply. This takes care of most of my mail 
interaction and leave my inbox empty and nice.


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