[MlMt] Quick-search feature request.

Scott A. McIntyre mailmate at howyagoin.net
Wed Jan 27 18:21:59 EST 2016

Hi Thomas,

On 28 January 2016, at 0921, Thomas Grundberg wrote:

> 2016-01-27 kl 22:13 skrev Scott A. McIntyre:
>> Whilst I can do this by using the search box and just the email 
>> address, I was hoping to do it by simply clicking on an email address 
>> in an already open message.
> Maybe this is not exactly what you want, but a handy feature is to 
> [right-click (ctrl-click) the sender’s name in the list 
> pane](http://grundberg.se/temp/minim_deserunt.png).

That is handy, yes, wasn't aware of that, and it may well work, as it 
does have the From/To option there.  I'll use this in the meantime, 


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