[MlMt] Any way to reload MmMessagesWebView/stylesheet.css at runtime?

Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Wed Jan 27 17:56:36 EST 2016

On 2016-01-18 13:26:32 (+0100), Benny Kjær Nielsen 
<mailinglist at freron.com> wrote:
> (I'll be very interested if you have a custom scheme to share. I'm 
> working on making it easier/possible to style messages both for email 
> display and email generation.)

While tinkering with my PGP-mystery earlier today, I discovered that my 
hacked up stylesheet.css has left me with a bright yellow box / frame on 
a cream background in some cases (partially signed messages).

How would I go about changing the style of partially signed messages?  I 
am guessing it's something like this but with different `type=` and 
`subtype=` parameters.

     div.bodypart[type=message][subtype=rfc822] { }

A few more comments in stylesheet.css would be helpful. :)

Many thanks.

Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
Ministry of Information
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