[MlMt] Trigger words for attachment reminder

Vlad Ghitulescu Vlad at Ghitulescu.de
Sat Jan 23 06:34:05 EST 2016


One of MailMate's very useful features for me is the nice reminder of 
forgotten attachments.

Writing emails also in other languages than English I wondered if 
there's an editable list of *trigger words* for this very useful 

And I'm not alone with this! ;-)

I found a similar approach in the previous cited article from MacStories 
(*MailButler Adds New Tools to Apple Mail* - 

Attachment Reminders

It's probably a safe bet that you have sent an email at some point and 
forgotten to include an attachment. MailButler tries to anticipate your 
intent to send a file based on keywords in your message. If it thinks 
you forgot an attachment, MailButler pops up a reminder before sending 
your message. In my tests, MailButler correctly identified 'attach' and 
'attachment,' as keywords, but failed to prompt me for an attachment 
when I typed "Here is the file we discussed." **Fortunately, you can add 
your own keywords to MailButler's repertoire.**


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