[MlMt] moveToJunk?

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Tue Jan 19 05:15:24 EST 2016

Hmm...I am testing various operations that I add to the key mapping file.

The moveToJunk is described like this:

moveToJunk:	-	Shorthand for ( 'moveToMailbox:', 'junk' )

It seems this is not true, because if the mail is in "junk" mailbox already, it seems to be action "Move out of Junk".

Can this is clarified, specifically what interaction there is with SpamSieve?

Or rather, I would like to know in more detail what the following functions do:


In the manual there is (for example) no text about interaction with SpamSieve although I understand that is going on "under the hood". And IF multiple things happens, what do "undo:" and "redo:" do? All of the actions or only the last in the list?

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