[MlMt] How to start MailMate having the focus on an email in the mail list

Vlad Ghitulescu Vlad at Ghitulescu.de
Sun Jan 17 05:29:08 EST 2016


After start MailMate shows (in the *Widescreen*-Layout) the last email, 
but **whitout having the focus on it**.

That means that commands like moveToMailbox, markAsJunk etc. will work 
(on it), but moving through the message-list will work only with 
CMD-arrow up/down and **not** also with simply arrow up/down (as when 
the focus is put on this email).

First question: How can I put the focus (with the keyboard, not using 
the mouse/trackpad) on the email shown?

Second question: If this is the whish-behaviour and not a bug, for which 
purpose is better to **not** have the focus on the email shown?



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