[MlMt] "Junk State = Junk" & "Move to Junk" with one keystroke?

Thomas Eckhold Thomas at Eckhold.eu
Sat Jan 16 05:35:38 EST 2016

I believe it is enough to move the message to junk and SpamSieve 
recognizes the messages as junk. This is possible via the Message menu, 
via the context menu (left click) or via the shortcut SHIFT-CMD-J.

Of course, you can change the junk state as well through the same menus. 
However, I believe there is no default shortcut for that so you would 
need to create a custom keybinding.


On 16 Jan 2016, at 11:11, Vlad Ghitulescu wrote:

> Hello again!
> I’m using MailMate with SpamSieve as a spam-filter.
> Coming from Mail.app I was used to just press CTRL-CMD-S in order to 
> mark an email as SPAM and move it to the SPAM-folder.
> I was searching for the same in MailMate… whitout success until now!
> So here comes my next question:
> Is there a way to
> 1. Change the „Junk State“ to „Junk“ and after this
> 2. „Move to Junk“
> a chosen email in MailMate?
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> Vlad
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