[MlMt] Disable saving sent mail altogether?

Shoshanna Green shoshannag at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 14:19:51 EST 2016

On 12 Jan 2016, at 5:46, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

>> Is there a way to convince Mailmate not to save sent mail anywhere?
> No. Why do you prefer to use Bcc?

One of the reasons I always BCC myself is that I want my copies of the 
messages I send to always arrive in the inbox of the account I'm sending 
from, even if I'm responding to an older message that is not in the 
inbox but is, rather, already filed away in a folder/mailbox somewhere. 
It could even be that I'm using account A to respond to a message that 
was sent to account A but that is now filed in a folder/mailbox 
belonging to account B. My copy of my reply should still end up in the 
inbox of account A.

Even if there's a way to do that in MailMate, it won't work when I'm 
sending mail on an iOS device. Always BCCing myself (and ignoring "sent 
mail") is a set-and-forget preference in iOS as well as MailMate, so 
it's resilient and consistent across all my platforms.

Shoshanna Green
shoshannag at gmail.com

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