[MlMt] duplicate messages on move to other mailbox

Jason Davies ophiochoslists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 09:05:48 EDT 2015

Hi folks

This is hard to debug as there may be some red herrings involved.

Two Macs (laptop, Mac Pro) using Mailmate at different times of teh day. 
I sat down and created some rules to help filter messages on both 
machines. Sometime just after that I started noticing duplicates 
appearing after I move messages to different folders.

I'm still not entirely convinced it's the rules I set up (which all say 
either 'move to mailbox x' or 'set tags to seen') but it's tricky to 
work out how to work out what's going on as it's erratic but frequent.

Are there logs that would help, that log moving messages? I've looked in 
Console but found nothing in the last hour; sometimes MMT directs you to 
the activity monitor log but that is unreadable in the activity monitor 
as it flashes around updating.

Any clues about where I look to find out why this is happening 
gratefully received!

Of course it may be my iPhone app...;) But I'm pretty sure I switched 
that off!

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