[MlMt] Disappearing and reappearing carriage returns in message viewer

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Oct 16 04:40:05 EDT 2015

On 15 Oct 2015, at 22:30, Sherif Soliman wrote:

> On 8 Oct 2015, at 11:37, Sherif Soliman wrote:
>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/aqywuc391f455n4/Screenshot%202015-10-08%2011.36.16.png?dl=0
> This still happens very frequently, and it's weird that no one else 
> seems to be having this issue.

Well, it's a bit subtle and some might not realize that it's not working 
as expected.

> Any thoughts or ideas on what I could do to debug or fix? Should I try 
> nuking MailMate and all its associated files, reinstall and redownload 
> all my email?

If you do that then you could do it by simply renaming the app-support 
folder. That way you can still get the old state back by swapping 
folders. The only other variable is your preferences file (which you can 
also rename -- maybe even try that first):


Let me know what you find.

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