[MlMt] debugging send failure

Sparky Doosan sparky.doosan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 11:15:24 EDT 2015

I continue to edge closer to cutting MailMate into my production 
workflow. Today's issue: I followed all the setup instructions from 
MailMate and my ISP and it looks good except...

MailMate shows my outbound message in an IMAP folder called "Sent 
Messages". I cannot find this on the server and the message was not 
delivered. I cannot determine (need more coffee?) whether this setup 
issue is a MailMate problem and if so, how to debug it.

It's Sunday and I won't get my ISP support staff out of bed as my hair 
is only needing a combing and is not on fire :)

Clues please? There must be a log but I cannot find it. Thanks!

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