[MlMt] Resetting fonts to default

John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Fri Oct 9 13:15:32 EDT 2015

John Cooper wrote (at 10:01 on 9 Oct 2015):

> Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote (at 5:27 on 9 Oct 2015):
>> On 8 Oct 2015, at 21:39, John Cooper wrote:
>>> How can I set all the font settings back to their defaults?
>> These are all the font related settings I can think of. Paste in a 
>> Terminal window:
> Thanks. I wanted the interface to better match El Capitan's new system 
> font, but it's unavailable in the Fonts pane, so deleting these 
> preferences was the only way to do it.

I guess this page explains what's going on technically:


"Apple has started abstracting the idea of a system font: it doesn’t 
have a publicly exposed name. They’ve also stated that any private 
names are subject to change. These private names all begin with a 
period: the Ultralight face for San Francisco is named 
“.SFNSDisplay-Ultralight”. To determine this name, you need to dig 
around in the font instances returned by NSFont or UIFont; it’s not 
easy by design....As a part of this abstraction, there’s now a new 
generic family name: -apple-system. The markup looks like this:

body {
   font-family: -apple-system, "Helvetica Neue", "Lucida Grande";

Unfortunately, it’s very poorly documented. Most of the information 
I’ve found about this name comes from the WebKit source code."

I wonder if there's a way to add a "System Font" item to the font 
selection menu, so we can set the system font as the preferred font 
without using Terminal to delete settings?

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