[MlMt] links in subject ...

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Oct 9 08:12:54 EDT 2015

On 8 Oct 2015, at 14:03, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

> For now when clicking on a subject with links it just searched for 
> messages with same subject.
> Is there a way so MailMate could let me open a link found in subject 
> without first having to copy
> it into notes to get it linked ?
> I've tried teaching my senders to not put links in $subject but they 
> just keep doing it. Please help :)

The headers view doesn't detect links at all and this is unlikely to 
change before I completely replace it.

A workaround would be a bundle command which detects the link in the 
subject line and opens it. You could bind that to a shortcut. Even 
better, it could show a list if multiple links are found in 

This is also related to a generalization I would like to add. Currently, 
there are bundles for Lighthouse and Github which only have a single 
command to open the corresponding ticket/commit. Both are bound to ⌃O. 
This is a half-baked feature. The idea is that this shortcut should 
always open the related resource and it makes sense that the 
“fallback” should be to open the first link found in subject/body. 
For this to work well, MailMate would have to allow the commands to 
specify which emails they apply to (an old todo item). It's not quite 
clear for me yet how this should work which is part of the reason it's 
still half-baked :-)


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