[MlMt] mm started(?) resorting sub mailboxes ?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Nov 23 08:46:22 EST 2015

On 23 Nov 2015, at 14:39, Rob McBroom wrote:

> On 23 Nov 2015, at 7:40, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
>> Yes, IMAP accounts and IMAP mailboxes can now be manually ordered.
> Cool feature. Thanks.
> Is this related to the fact that folders are now sorted differently? 
> It used to be case-insensitive alphabetical order. Now, all the 
> capitalized folders are first.

No, that was a bug already fixed in recent test releases. I'll have a 
new beta out relatively soon including both this fix and the one for the 
issue reported by Max.

How it works: By default, IMAP mailboxes are alphabetically sorted, but 
if the user uses drag'n'drop to change the order then it switches to 
manual ordering (for the related set of mailboxes only). Some day I 
expect to add a menu item to explicitly control the sorting order for 
any set of submailboxes (alpha, manual, count, ?).


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