[MlMt] r5175 launch time.

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Mon Nov 16 03:00:33 EST 2015

I too have noticed longer launch times as well, but I thought perhaps it 
was El Capitan, as I have noticed longer launches as well in Amadeus Pro 
and BBedit.

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On 15 Nov 2015, at 23:57, Scott A. McIntyre mailmate-at-howyagoin.net 
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> Hi,
> I managed to not update a few alpha releases in a row, but, between 
> the last beta and r5175 "something happened" and launching MailMate 
> now takes well over a minute before the main window appears.
> Not sure what is causing it, but, from the time the icon starts 
> bouncing until the window appears is about 1 minute 15 seconds on my 
> MacPro and RiMac; both of which were launching significantly faster 
> until this (or a recent) update.  It takes about a full minute *after* 
> the icon stops bouncing ...
> Not sure if it's Just Me or not, but, it has been 100% repeatable 
> across two systems.
> Scott
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