[MlMt] selecting a message marks it as read

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Fri Nov 13 17:26:25 EST 2015

I just tried this on r5164 and it worked fine. I then updated to r5175 
and it worked fine also. I have not been able to duplicate what your 
seeing Shoshanna. It works as it should for me. I don't know what the 
culprit might be but it appears from my perspective to be something else 
in your environment that is causing the behavior you noted.

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On 13 Nov 2015, at 15:11, Shoshanna Green shoshannag-at-gmail.com 
|MailMate Freron Software/RER>Vendor>Software| wrote:

> On 13 Nov 2015, at 13:39, Shoshanna Green wrote:
>> On the current version (r5175) as well as the version from a few days 
>> ago that I just updated from, hoping this had been fixed, selecting 
>> (highlighting) a message in the viewer window marks it as read, 
>> before I've even opened it. Whoops?
> Now I'm on another machine that's still running r5168, and not seeing 
> this behavior here, fwiw.
> Shoshanna Green
> shoshannag at gmail.com
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