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I ran into this too. It turns out that Google limits you to 10 (TEN) 
simultaneous logins. I have about 30+ gmail accounts (multiple business, 
etc. etc.) but was only using about 15 with Mailmate. The limit forced 
me to rethink how I was doing things (no more throwing mud against the 
wall) and now all is well in the world again (at least my world).

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> On 3 Nov 2015, at 19:42, Alexandre Takacs wrote:
>> I'm sure that I missed something somewhere but why is MM (5164) 
>> throwing all kinds of web signup dialogs for google accounts (both 
>> google apps and gmail) ?
> This is the main thing I'm testing in the beta released today. I've 
> switched Google (and Outlook) accounts to use OAuth2 authentication by 
> default. This means that the user is asked to log in to their Google 
> account and allow MailMate to access their emails (and only that). 
> This enables MailMate to no longer store the account password.
> I don't really have a choice here. Google is pushing for the adoption 
> of OAuth2. When using other authentication methods then users are 
> often rejected and then presented with various warnings about MailMate 
> not being a secure email client (which I find a bit offensive, but 
> that is a different story).
> Note that the exact behavior appears to depend on how long the Google 
> account has existed and whether it has been accessed via IMAP in the 
> past. I think new Gmail accounts are rejected by default if not using 
> OAuth2.
> If it's not working for you then you can disable OAuth2 in the IMAP 
> account settings window. (And then I'll contact you for further 
> debugging when I have time.)
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