[MlMt] insertFormatString... ${} expansions listed somewhere?

Thomas Wölk thomas.woelk at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 03:06:56 EDT 2015

@Benny: I think Jeremy idea is very clever. What is the best way to 
deals with different __reply templates per recipient__? It is very 
annoying every time to edit the text again.

I distinguish between the following types (very different between DE and 
EN) :

- close friends ⇢ _Hi, Hello, Salute, … <Firstname>,_
- respectable persons ⇢ _Dear Mr … , Sehr geehrte Herr/Frau 
(German), <Name>..._
- I dont know this person ⇢ _Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Personnel 
Director, ..._

Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
> Jeremy Cowgar wrote:
>> 	"R" = (
>> 		"replyAll:",
>> 		"insertFormatString:",
>> 		"-----Original Message-----\nFrom: ${to.name} 
>> [mailto:${to.address}\nTo: ${from.name} [mailto:${from.name}]\nCc: 
>> ${cc.name}\nSent: ${date}\nSubject:${subject}\n"
>> 	);

> Terminal: [snip terminal command]

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