[MlMt] Order in which rules are applied

Marc ARC MailMate at arcict.com
Sat Feb 21 10:19:45 EST 2015


I'm confronted with the following issue:

On the INBOX I implemented a number of rules:

	1st rule to filter out some spam
		if domain is in Junk_Confirmed
			then move to Junk_Auto

	2nd rule to redirect to a submailbox
		if Recipient contains 	“@domain.eu”
			move to mailbox SubMailbox_name

The first rule I want to apply is the spamrule, because if it is spam I 
don’t want it anymore :-)

So I put the spam rule first and then the organisational rule

But it seems that it is not working from the moment there is a Recipient 
containing “@domain.eu”

( Also changed the order with imho identical behaviour )

Any idea how I could get it to work ?

Thanks in advance,


My MM is 1.8 (4587) running under 10.6.8, ( still has to run 10.6.8 ;-( 

PS: is it possible that the update server is not responding ( Server 
response: 404 (expected 200)

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