[MlMt] Resetting layouts

John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Fri Feb 20 13:34:15 EST 2015


On 2015-02-20 11:58, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote: 

>> Is there a way to reset the view layouts to their default proportions without throwing away all my preferences entirely?
> That is actually non-trivial, but I think the following should work (quit MailMate first): 
> defaults read com.freron.MailMate | grep "MmMailboxes.*MmSplitView" | tr -d ' ' | cut -f1 -d= | xargs -n1 defaults delete com.freron.MailMate
> defaults delete com.freron.MailMate MmWindows

Thank you! It worked. 

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