[MlMt] New fast search bar not working

Alan Schussman alan at schussman.com
Mon Feb 16 08:01:16 EST 2015

On 16 Feb 2015, at 5:59, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 16 Feb 2015, at 13:58, Alan Schussman wrote:
>> The fast search bar has stopped working for me. Entering search terms 
>> and pressing enter doesn't appear to do anything, currently. It 
>> worked great in the beta version that had its initial release, and, I 
>> think, stopped working in the subsequent beta. Has anyone else found 
>> this?
> I have reports about it failing to work in full screen mode. I haven't 
> fixed it yet -- but I will do it eventually :-)

Aha, yes, I'm running full-screen mode, too. Sure enough if I toggle 
back to windowed, it works.


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