[MlMt] Tags and Submailboxes

Mike Brasch mikebrasch at fastmail.fm
Tue Feb 10 05:25:16 EST 2015

Moin Moin!

I'm using the latest 64bit version of Mailmate. I have a little issue 
with the subfolders of my smart folder "Tags". It is set up as 
recommended in the latest release notes. If I have 3 mails with tags:

   - MailA with "workinprogress"
   - MailB with "important"
   - MailC with "important" and "workinprogress" (in this order).

I would expect to 2 subfolders:

   - "important" with MailB and MailC
   - "workinprogress" with MailA and MailC

Instead I get to subfolders:

   - "important workinprogress" with MailB and MailC
   - "workinprogress" with MailA and MailC

The mails shown in each subfolder are correct but the subfolder 
"important workinprogress" should be named "important"

I haven't already tested it with more mails and more tags.

And in general I have the problem that the smart folders are not updated 
until restart of Mailmate. If I tag another mail with a third tag, the 
corresponding subfolder for this tag is only shown after a restart.


I have just done another test:

   - MailD with "important", "tobeanswered" and "workinprogress"


   - "important" with MailB, MailC and MailD
   - "workinprogress" with MailA, MailC and MailD
   - "tobeanswered" with MailD

after the needed restart to update the subfolders:

   - "important tobeanswered workinprogress" with MailA, MailC and MailD
   - "important tobeanswered workinprogress" with MailD
   - "important tobeanswered workinprogress" with MailB, MailC and MailD

As before, the mails itself are "sorted" correctly but the subfolder 
names are wrong.


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