[MlMt] plain text bundle (for org-mode)?

Lars Chr. Duus Hausmann jazz-mailmate at zqz.dk
Tue Dec 15 10:22:53 EST 2015


I wrote some scripts to be able to do that. I’ve since stopped using 
org-mode, but the code is here.


There’s a little bit of howto. It’s been a while since I’ve used 
it, so might  require a little care to get running again.

Lars Chr.

On 14 Dec 2015, at 21:34, John Rakestraw wrote:

> Hi —
> I’m trying out MailMate and, so far, I’m quite impressed. Only day 
> 6 of my trial and I’m wondering why I should wait any longer to 
> purchase. I do have one question — please forgive me if it’s been 
> asked before. My search of the listserv archives didn’t turn 
> anything up.
> I’d like to create a task formatted for emacs org-mode based on an 
> email I receive in MailMate. So, for example, an email from John 
> Smith, received 2015-12-14 with the subject line “here’s one” 
> and the body text “blah, blah, blah” generates something like 
> this, appended to a plain-text file:
> ****
> * TODO Reply to “Here’s one” from “John Smith”
> :RECEIVED: [2015-12-14]
> :END:
> “blah, blah, blah”
> [Extra points if I can select a part of the body text and have only 
> that part go into the body.]
> ****
> Possible? If so, any hints? (I should say I’m not a programmer, 
> though I’ve been known to write a bash script and even make 
> primitive use of awk and sed.)
> Thanks for a great program.
> —John
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