[MlMt] SpamSieve drone setup

Randall Meadows randy.meadows at not-pc.com
Fri Dec 4 11:47:26 EST 2015

On 4 Dec 2015, at 5:12, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

>> Another tangentially-related question: Both my wife and I receive 
>> copies of our kids' email messages (each of their public email 
>> addresses is actually an alias that forwards the received messages to 
>> their "real" email account as well as my wife's and my account.  I 
>> assume that training messages received in that fashion (from my or my 
>> wife's client) is just as good as training from their real accounts, 
>> right?  (I understand it won't re-filter messages already received to 
>> their clients, but will help with future messages.)
> **If** I understand you correctly then it'll mean that your kids won't 
> be able to find false positives in their Junk folder.

Well, we (my wife and I) are operating on *copies* of the kids' messages 
that were delivered to our mailboxes, distinct from the "original" 
messages in their mailboxes.  Any false detections would still be shown 
as such in their client, right?  Subsequently received messages would 
then benefit from the corrections, regardless of where said correction 
was made, no?

Is it a problem if the correction is made multiple times (once on the 
kids' client, and once [or twice] on the parents' client)?

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