[MlMt] Keybinding selects - send message?

Eric A. Meyer eric at meyerweb.com
Thu Jan 31 15:18:58 UTC 2013


    I was hoping to reproduce the Thunderbird "Send Message" 
keybinding, which is command-return.  Based on the "Keybinding 
selects - master list?", there doesn't seem to be a plain old "send:" 
or "sendMessage:" action, as opposed to "sendAndArchiveParent:" or 
"sendAndMoveParentToMailbox:".  Is there one, or should there be one, 
or can the equivalent of shift-command-D already be bound and I just 
haven't figured out how?
    Also, I'm not quite sure how to define the particular combination 
of command-return in the .plist, so I could use some help with that 
one too.
    If I can figure this out, I may create and share a Thunderbird 
keybinding file if one doesn't exist already.  I searched Google, but 
nothing like that turned up.

Eric A. Meyer (eric at meyerweb.com)     http://meyerweb.com/

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