[MlMt] Permanently "unjunk" a sender

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Jan 28 07:55:19 UTC 2013

On 28 Jan 2013, at 8:21, Alexandre Takacs wrote:

> I might have missed it but is there a way to permanently add an 
> address as a safe sender (and thus automically load the linked images 
> in one's massages) ?

SpamSieve has a whitelist where you can manually add addresses. Combined 
with suitable settings for image blocking and SpamSieve in the Security 
preferences pane then I believe you can make it behave as you want.

That said, MailMate should have its own whitelist (could implicitly be 
addresses found in the Address Book), since that would save the time 
otherwise used to pass the message to SpamSieve. But it's not at the top 
of my list.


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